Anti-bacterial agent Neonisin


Neonisin was identified in Japan, and is a revolutionary anti-bacterial agent. It is made from peptides that live in the lactic acid in tofu residue made in Fukuoka prefecture, called Nisin A. Nisin A is then combined with plum extracts. A revolutionary characteristic is that though it has strong anti-bacterial powers, it will be quickly digested with digestive enzymes and turn into amino acid.


Nisin A was identified first in the UK in 1928 by a dairy farmer. Both oral intake and  transmucosal absorption is safe and the commercial use of Nisin A is allowed in over 50 countries. The UK and France allow unlimited usage in cheese.


In Japan, it passed the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s regulations in 2009 and is permitted to use is foods. The other ingredient, the plum, is a traditional fruit that the Japanese have enjoyed since ancient days. Thus Neonisin will not harm the normal bacterial flora in the stomach and intestinal systems even when swallowed.


This anti-bacterial agent is surely an ultimate answer to the elderly, handicapped, small children that have high risks of swallowing oral care products.

Product is 100% natural


Does not contain Fluoride, Titanium dioxide, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Ethanol, Paraben, Dicalcium Phosphate, or any kind of artificial ingredients

Caring to the mouth, and Peaceful


For anyone that has difficulties in spitting out and performing oral care.

The mild formulation of gel and spray will always keep your mouth Peaceful.

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Oralpeace Brushing & Moisturising Gel

Contents: 75ml

Price: 1080 yen (including tax)


How to Use

When brushing teeth: Use in the same way as toothpaste, and apply to a toothbrush or sponge brush and brush the teeth after meals and before sleeping.

When using to moisturise: Apply directly to a clean finger or sponge brush, and apply to all areas of the mouth. No need to rinse off after application.



Glycerin, water, lactococcus extract, orange flower water, plum extract, Xanthane gum, mint oil, spearmint oil

Oralpeace Mouth Spray & Wash

Contents: 30ml

Price: 1080 yen (including tax)


How to Use

When using as mouth spray: Spray into the mouth several times, whenever you are unable to brush your teeth or outside the home. You can also spray into the mouth for daily oral care.

When using as a mouthwash: Spray 3 times into approximately 20ml of water. Swirl in the mouth for about 30 seconds. Afterwards there is no need to rinse the mouth with water.



Glycerin, water, lactococcus extract, orange flower water, plum extract, mint oil, spearmint oi


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